Liebherr warehouse and office facility redcliffe wa
Liebherr Redcliffe Western Australia Liebherr Redcliffe Western Australia Liebherr Redcliffe Western Australia Liebherr Redcliffe Western Australia Liebherr Redcliffe Western Australia
Drew Dickson Architects

Liebherr Australia Pty Ltd

$19 Million

Redcliffe, Western Australia

June 2014

Construction of a new $19 Million multi-storey facility for Liebherr Australia constructed over 3 Stages.


Stage 1 comprised a fit out and new lift to existing office spaces. Stage 2 was an extension to the first floor of the exiting office. As part of Stage 2 works, SJ Higgins Group demolished the existing structures on the first floor and constructed a new 1,000m² office space.


Stage 3 comprised construction of a new workshop and parts facility. This facility was fitted with a VNA (very narrow aisle) racking system which is currently the tallest in Australia at 14.75 metres. To ensure the correct operation of the VNA fork trucks, the floors in this area needed to be laid meticulously to ensure completely flat floors with a tolerance of FFL 0.1 making them the flattest floors currently in the country. A specialist form work was installed and a special concrete mix was designed to achieve the required floor tolerance.


A Kardex Picking Tower, an automated small parts storage and picking system, was also installed. The picking tower is over 12 metres tall and is presently the tallest in Australia.

As part of this stage, a new three-storey office structure was built. The office facility was constructed using concrete tilt panels, structural steel and Kingspan cladding with the building ridge line 26 metres from the Finished Floor Level.


External works comprised 7,000m² of set down and storage areas with 240mm thick double steel reinforced concrete as well as 2,000m² of bitumen car parks. Under the car park, SJ Higgins installed a new 750,000L storm water detention tank, which is used to detain severe storm water run off, slowing down water release into the local water authority’s storm water system.
Two 270,000L 7.5 metre high and 6 meter in diameter water tanks were installed to operate the sprinkler system, which is built into the VNA racking system.

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