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We have delivered over 2300 projects in the last 38 years, click on the following link to view our major projects and build capabilty: Major Projects

Our operations cover the eastern seaboard of Australia, with successful completion of projects in QLD, NSW, ACT and Victoria. This gives us the ability to deliver major national rollout programs. We have the experience and the resources to plan, drive and deliver any new construction or refurbishment program.

Our reputation has been built through client satisfaction. This is testament to our commitment to an adaptable and forward-thinking approach to project planning and delivery.

Our portfolio of projects across various industries and geographical localities demonstrates our technical expertise and strong reputation within the construction industry. Our reputation and client satisfaction is a testament to our consistent commitment to clients and successful project delivery of every single project.


SJ Higgins Group offers a broad range of services and methods of project delivery, including:

  • – design and construction
  • – project management
  • – construction management
  • – fixed lump sum
  • – guaranteed maximum price

We have the experience and the resources to plan, drive and deliver any new construction or refurbishment program.

Our Management Systems provide a solid framework for all stakeholders to ensure effective project delivery. Our adaptable and forward-thinking approach to project planning and delivery enables value adding and innovative solutions to problems.

Our commitment to integrity is closely linked to our commitment to value-adding.

credentials AND Certification

SJ Higgins Group is committed to continual improvement in our project delivery and customer satisfaction. Our systems for quality, OHS & environmental management together with our forward thinking approach will ensure we grow with best practice operations.

Occupational Health and Safety
AS/NSZS 45001:2018

SJ Higgins Group management is committed to continual improvement aimed at elimination of work related injury and illness. SJ Higgins Group employees will ensure the health and safety of the company’s employees and the general public by undertaking these activities in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, respective codes, regulations, codes of practice, statutory requirements and local by-laws.

PQC Level 3

Quality Control
ISO 9001:2016

SJ Higgins Group is committed to providing the highest possible quality and reliability of services in the building construction industry, in order to retain existing customers and obtain new ones. Improvement in quality is the job and obligation of every SJ Higgins Group employee. Our commitment to quality improvement will lower costs by eliminating errors, resulting in the best service at the lowest cost with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

State Government of Victoria, Department of Transport
$50 Million

Environmental Management
ISO 14001:2016

SJ Higgins Group is committed to its responsibility to contribute to the sustainability and appreciation of the natural environment. Innovation allied with careful planning skills and a respect of the natural form are values that SJ Higgins Group employees share.

Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation Scheme

SJ Higgins Group is proud to be accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme


The heart, soul and character of our people. These values are our legacy.
SJ Higgins Group’s values represent who we essentially are and how we conduct business without exception. These values embody the vision of our company as a collective. They encompass the values that are vital to the future success of SJ Higgins Group. These values govern our behaviour to fellow team members, clients, subcontractors and the general community.

Client Focus

  • Clients determine our success.
  • We are committed to exceeding their expectations and providing customised solutions to their problems.

Our People

  • Our people are our biggest asset.
  • We achieve our vision and positive results through their knowledge and inspiration.

Fairness and Respect

  • We treat everyone with fairness and respect.
  • Respect the ideas and opinions of others.

Integrity and Honesty

  • Have the moral and physical courage to do the right thing even at personal cost.
  • Always be honest and fair.
  • Show self-respect and humility.


  • Improve our capabilities through an environment that encourages continuous learning.
  • Consistently apply diligence and persistence.
  • Remain flexible and agile.

Team Environment

  • Our environment thrives on cooperation, diligence and loyalty.


  • Safety first culture.
  • We aim to continuously improve our safety performance and to achieve our vision of zero injuries
career opportunities

SJ Higgins Group are always keen to discuss any employment possibilities with highly motivated and talented individuals.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with one of Australia's most respected construction companies, send your resume to:

SJ Higgins Group

Attention: Ken de Souza

PO Box 2260

Moorabbin Victoria 3189